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Rainbow is the life and soul of the beach ,delighting all with her songs and stories. Rainbow invented the ‘Up and Down the Hatch’  the lift which enables The Shellies to go up and down the cliff on  their beach. Sometimes when you look up high you may see a Rainbow, you might also see a glider with Rainbow at the controls, for it is she who surfs the sky.

Birthday:  1st Cuckoo Call of Spring




creating puppets out of  items found on the beach

making gardens out of shells and plants

designing  windchimes

writing stories

singing songs.


‘ Waves will come ashore once more’

‘ until somebody proves that magic doesn’t exist I shall continue to believe in it’

‘ every good sunset deserves a story’

‘ we do like to shilly shellie along the Bay’

‘ if you don’t believe in fairies, don’t be surprised if fairies don’t believe in you’